©️booksnmuses We all know whatever happens , happens for a reason which makes sense. But some things are unsensical even if we get to know the reason of a particular happening. And most of the people to know , to seek answers often stress themselves , breakdown and experience anxiety, headache and struggle to lead … Continue reading GENTLE REMINDER.

Your Last Memory

Hey folks ! Lately I've been writing or reading less and I don't know the exact reason why. Maybe I am lazy , or maybe as the current situation I am not able to concentrate more. I am just affected more by hearing deaths due to covid😔 Just hoping now that everything gets normal🙏🏻❤️Phewwww seriously … Continue reading Your Last Memory

When love came calling 📖

Hola folks . I am back with a review , well i won't recommend this book but you can check it out if you are a fiction lover. 📷: by me This book revolves around Puja and Arush when love knocks them when they least expected. Two people so living at two areas of the … Continue reading When love came calling 📖

Book Review 📑

Hola people, here I am back with another book review of this lovely book which I read 2-3 weeks back but wasn't in a condition to write it's review. So finally imma back, it's an amazing book wrapped in romance and a perfect book to ride into adventure. Check this book out, surely you won't … Continue reading Book Review 📑

Intoxication !

Hey, so here i am back with a new muse with a unrelated-related caption as cover maybe. Check it out, it's a short one and do tell me your views after reading it. Ps: People who have trigger issues kindly exit this blog right away before scrolling further. Imma just protecting your mental health and … Continue reading Intoxication !

With You 💞

Hey folks ! Hope everyone is doing well. Kindly take care of yourselves, take necessary precautions , be safe ! Here i'm back with another muse . Well it's about love and i think kind of one of the pieces i think i could express clearly and concisely. Though it's not perfect, i am trying … Continue reading With You 💞