Hey folks ! So i have come with a recommendation today of my second favourite thriller book of 2020. It was really intriguing and will give you chills. So without any second thoughts go check this book out. Till then read the review and get convinced 😉 (1) (2) 📸 by Me. // The destiny … Continue reading CRIME THRILLER !


Warm greetings to y'all . Hope everyone is doing well. So here i am presenting you a poem which got pictured into my mind a while ago. Before starting let me clarify no personal shit is attached to it. I was randomly thinking abt double sided people or which you all probably label them as … Continue reading Masks🎭

📚 related to intercast marriage .

Hola people ! So i have recently finished the book Your Love Makes Me Complete by Ratnadip Acharya . The story was intriguing and informative and overall based on intercast marriage. Read my opinion about it ,and if you find the book interesting do check it out. 📸 BY ME ! This book revolves around … Continue reading 📚 related to intercast marriage .

A perfect mess ✨

Warm greetings to everyone. So here i am back again . Well it's a random thought that came so I decide to give it a voice. Based on we start burdening ourselves from other opinions that we lose our spark. But it's never too late to realize and get ourselves back and be a perfect … Continue reading A perfect mess ✨

To my Everything !

Warm Greetings to my lovely people.February dedicated to all lovers 😌 I know i was busy musing about heartbreaks from last weeks (oh, because sensitive hearts do feel for them too) So why not somewhere i tried to express my thoughts for them too . BUT NOW I DIDN'T MUSED BUT MY HEART WANTS TO … Continue reading To my Everything !

Poetry ! 📚

Hola peeps ! So i thought of coming and giving you all a recommendation of a poetry book i read lately. Do check it out and i would really love to hear your views on it . 📸 ©booksnmuses / Aka Me I feel reviewing a poetry is difficult because every poetry i read carries … Continue reading Poetry ! 📚

Farawayyy 🕊️

Warm greetings to everyone and sorry for being inactive. So it's February : Month of lovers . So let's talk about distant lovers who are craving to meet each other and got lost forever 💞 And also God bless to each and every lover and also to people who loves someone but is not able … Continue reading Farawayyy 🕊️

Sobbing !!!

Warm greetings too all my lovely people who motivates me to write by commenting, liking and visiting my works ! And also to some stalkers (who aren't invited,nor will be) Anyways thank you for visiting again and giving importance to me and my works .Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did while … Continue reading Sobbing !!!

Maybe you were just a visiter 🌚

Warm greetings to everyone . Again i mused while revisiting (recalling) some of the past incidents which made me who i am ( a soul who thinks everyone around will judge her for being who she is /what she is doing , doubting relations and is just not able to resist on overthinking ) but … Continue reading Maybe you were just a visiter 🌚