Poetry ! 📚

Heyyy p !!!! Yea I am back with another book review I finished lately. Well I didn’t like this book much but the picture which I made it the most, so sharing that with y’all ! But do check this book out if you liked my view about this book , hope you have a … Continue reading Poetry ! 📚

We’re better off as strangers 🕊

Heyyy guysss ! It’s so good to be back here, I was just busy in some stuff so couldn’t write anything. As I felt like coming back and felt comfortable so I thought of sharing this piece I wrote last , hope you all like it☺️ 📷 : Blurry vibes and me ! Remember, The … Continue reading We’re better off as strangers 🕊

Yours Legally [ Book review]

Holaaa guyss !!!! Here I am back with another review of the book I had finished a long time back but was lazy to make it’s post😭 Do check the book if you liked my review :))) ⚖️ The Punishment May Come To Few, But The Fear Should Effect All ! 🖤 This book is … Continue reading Yours Legally [ Book review]