Let’s run faraway🕊️

Warm greetings to everyone.Well i don't know to whom it relates but kindoff a muse which always come to my heart whenever i see two people(lovers) parting ways. Ps. It's just for fun , no personal shit. I am open to criticism (not hatred) Feel free to tell if you find any fault. I am … Continue reading Let’s run faraway🕊️

Maybe you were just a visiter 🌚

Warm greetings to everyone . Again i mused while revisiting (recalling) some of the past incidents which made me who i am ( a soul who thinks everyone around will judge her for being who she is /what she is doing , doubting relations and is just not able to resist on overthinking ) but … Continue reading Maybe you were just a visiter 🌚


📸This image is shot by 'me' just a day ago !🌇 Warm greetings to everyone. This is my very first post and I am really, like really nervous 🥺 Hope it goes well ,Well i am a learner and learning new ways to create, and improve. I am open to criticism (not hatred) so feel … Continue reading A RAY OF HOPE 💜