📸This image is shot by ‘me’ just a day ago !🌇

Warm greetings to everyone. This is my very first post and I am really, like really nervous 🥺 Hope it goes well ,Well i am a learner and learning new ways to create, and improve. I am open to criticism (not hatred) so feel free to tell if you find any fault or any mistake.

This post is related to my ‘My Muses’ / or you can view it as a thought that flashed just after I randomly clicked the image without any idea of how deep my mind will view it later.

The title maybe RAY OF HOPE.

But in the image, it’s not dark but a view captured by me from my room’s window which made me go deep into a muse that captured my heart and i penned immediately.

It’s a sunset viewed as a ray of hope giving a message that everything will fall into place, just don’t lose hope. Like every day the dawn will rise and the darkness will fall, just don’t give up, have faith ❣ Note (For anyone who is suffering,you aren’t alone) I can feel you and hope the ray of hope gives you some positivity to keep going) 💖


A hurricane swept for a while and took me to a place i never imagined too,

A place where there were evils residing, calling out all kinds of shits, They were not humans , They were not

I somehow managed to escape but the bruises they gave are still red,they still engulf my mind.

Everyday i yearn for dawn (light) i couldn’t find it, it’s all dark

The fear of being trapped in that ‘cane scare me to the core.

The darkness i have been surrounded to is so silent that my cries and screams aren’t heard,I only hear some voices that make that scar glow even more.

I am tired of going like this ,drenched in their voices i am not able to hear my own voice , i have gone so faraway from myself . So far off my own muse, my own self ,my own shine.

Those dreadful monsters pierced my heart ,bled my wounds deeper by their hands full of sin and shattered me.

I have been searching for dawn since then,

A ray that will heal me, will wrap me around itself and will say ‘You will be fine’

And will never leave me,Never ever

I know that ray exists that’s why i have came so far.

A ray of hope that kept me going

I will make the dawn arose for myself away from this darkness .

I will find me again.

~ Nupur Malik

Thank you,I hope you liked it !

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Content – @nupsss10 / 
Pictures – © Pinterest

19 thoughts on “A RAY OF HOPE 💜

      1. It’s nothing Nupur. Just start writing and enjoy your life to the fullest. I hope you flourish and enjoy your life🤗🤗💖. Good luck and love you too cutie💖💖


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