Friendship, And Distance

True friends stick together…and if a friend leaves you and hurts you then that person ain’t your real friend so you gotta learn to move on from them and be who you are so that a true friend can find you. This is dedicated to someone who knows themselves already. I might be far away […]

Friendship, And Distance

This was so heartwarming Suzannn 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I swear the friend’s I made online held me the most at the time of misery. Truly if I wouldn’t have found you I would have got crushed or wouldn’t be where I am. You just made me who I am today, you seriously saved a person who was drowning not in water but dirt.

Really some people just leave you to make your journey more beautiful , to make you meet the better people .

By God’s Grace i found you and i will always be grateful and will still keep irritating you🤭😂❤️

Words are less to describe that what a beautiful soul i found in you . Seriously looking back i am thankful to watever happend .

I don’t know if i shall prove to be a good friend but definately a good human being and a person who will always remember you in my prayers if we got apart ever… **Well touchwood**

Till then i am always gonna stick and will always be there. You are beautiful just the way you are and that’s the special thing i like about you. Truly saying by someone who when i talked first gave me an impression of being strict n rude to a person who carries it’s scars , the pain so well and a person who is filled with so much positivity and is so cheerful and amazing. Tbh You are an inspiration and i adore you truly 🥺💖

You always got my back love,always😌💓

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